How would you like to fly in a baby-free zone? Photo by Caitlin Regan.

1. There’s nothing worse then hopping on a long haul flight to discover you’re sitting right around the corner from a screaming baby – all hopes of getting any work done or trying to sleep go right out the window. Some airlines are starting to take heed, with AirAsia announcing that it will start offering a “Quiet Zone” that’s open only to passengers aged 12 or over. The new service will begin in February and the good news is that it’s completely free.

2. Ever feel frustrated that you can book your flights and hotels online but you have to wait till you get to your destination to book your activities? A new travel startup called Peek is hoping to change that by offering travelers the option of finding and booking activities – from surf lessons to volcano tours – via a single online portal. The company says it offers a best price guarantee so you don’t have to mess around trying to find the cheapest price.

3. And finally, if you love a good timelapse, you’ll definitely want to check out this killer video by a traveling filmmaker. Sean F. White spent six years filming this timelapse which captures 24 different countries across all seven continents, and he’s managed to cut it down to six minutes of pure magic.