vino2go wine tumblers

Picnic essential: wine tumblers.

One of my favorite ways to dine on a budget when I’m traveling is to make myself a picnic. I simply head to the local deli and pick up some cured meat, fresh bread, a nice cheese, and of course, a bottle of wine – then all I have to do is find the perfect park, beach or bench from which to enjoy them.

However, one thing that always bugs me is how to keep drinks (usually poured into plastic cups) from tipping over during the picnic – or from having sand and leaves blown into them for that matter. That’s until I stumbled over these wine tumblers on the internet which are nothing short of ingenious. Known as the vino2go, it’s a plastic wine glass inside of a see-through tumbler with a lid to protect the contents. The wine tumbler is BPA-free and holds the same amount of liquid as a standard wine glass (helpful if you’re counting your drinks) and you drink the wine through an opening in the lid, just as you would with a coffee tumbler.

So much better than drinking out of a red solo cup. Am I right?