If only it was always this easy to identify dangerous ingredients in food. Photo by Dan4th Nicholas.

1. If you have a food allergy, traveling can be anything from a frightening to a potentially life-threatening ordeal – all it takes is one bite of a peanut or some shellfish and you could be on your way to the emergency room. So how do you navigate the potential minefield that is a foreign restaurant menu? This article offers up some helpful suggestions about how to prepare for a meal if you are a traveler with a food allergy.

2. Smartphone cameras have come a long way, to the point that many people don’t even carry a regular camera anymore. If you fall into that category, here’s an idea that could take your iphoneography to the next level: iphone tripods. The ones presented in this article are small and simple enough to take just about anywhere.

3. Concierges used to be available only to those travelers staying in the fanciest of hotels – but not anymore. You and I can now get access to the kind of insider tips and advice served up by concierges through our iphones, because yes, there is now an app for that. Read this article to learn about the various concierge apps popping up on the market.