free wifi during holiday travel

Photo by Florian.

Your roundup of the hottest travel links across the net. This week the spotlight is on holiday travel advice:

1. Constant access to the internet is something we’ve all come to expect, but a surprising number of hotels, airports and public spaces continue to charge exorbitant fees for wi-fi. So how can you get around the fees during your holiday travels? This article shares six ways to get free wi-fi – my favorite tip is to avoid hotels that cater to business travelers since they almost always impose high daily internet fees (expense account anyone?).

2. Still haven’t booked your accommodation for Thanksgiving? Here’s a rundown of apps to help you snag last-minute hotel rooms. The apps let you search hotels that have been discounted from 10-50% and allow you to book on the go.

3. Speaking of apps, if you’re looking to technology to help you get through the holiday season, check out this list of seven apps for Thanksgiving travel. There are apps for real time gas price info, flight status information, and more.

4. Even if you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t usually venture on a plane with your baby, chances are you’ve had to make an exception for the upcoming holidays. The good news is the experience doesn’t have to be a miserable one – as long as you’re prepared. Here are five tips for holiday travel with a baby.

5. If you’ll be hitting the road with children of any age, it’s likely you’re arming yourself with mp3 players, ipads or other devices to keep the kids entertained. But what if you could unplug and have a holiday break free from electronics? Impossible? Maybe not. This article has a number of practical ideas for enjoying gadget-free travel with kids.