So What Exactly Is Wanderplex?

In a nutshell, Wanderplex is a travel site that teaches you how to hack independent travel.

What do we mean by “hack”? Well, any guidebook can give you the details about what to see and how to get there, but at Wanderplex, we want to show you how to truly get the most out of your journey.

Whether it’s saving money on the road, staying safe, packing the right gear, enduring a long haul flight, or finding unique and unusual experiences – there are lots of tricks and techniques experienced travelers know and use. Wanderplex is about making these tricks available to everybody.

Whether you’re on a beans-and-rice kind of budget or have champagne tastes, you’ll find something here for you, because at Wanderplex, we don’t focus on a traveler’s budget. Instead, we’re all about having the right mindset.

If you’re the kind of traveler who seeks unique destinations and experiences and wants to really dig under the skin of a country and its culture – you’re in the right place.

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Meet The Team

Reena Ganga, Editor & Founder

Reena in Athens, Greece.

Reena is a multi award-winning journalist who began her career working as a television news producer, reporter, and anchor in Australia. She decided to start Wanderplex after spending a year traveling around the world and realizing there was no resource that provided the kind of insider information she was looking for. She harnesses her years of experience and knowledge traveling – including luxury travel, budget travel, studying abroad, and living as an expat – and brings it together on Wanderplex. Reena is currently based in Chicago and also writes travel news, features, and advice for Gadling. She has a BA in Journalism and an MA in International Relations.

Mary Fiore, Cruising & Photography Contributor

Mary enjoying Italy.

Mary spent more than four years working on cruise ships where she taught digital photo editing and computer classes and lectured on a range of topics. She has circumnavigated the world several times and has enjoyed discovering new places and people to photograph. Mary gives Wanderplex readers the inside scoop on life as a cruise ship crew member, as well as how to get the most out of shipboard life as a passenger. She also shares her tips and techniques on taking the best travel photos possible. Mary is based in Florida where she teaches photo and video editing, photography, color, and design courses online. You can check out her photography at fioreart. Mary has an MA in Education and an MA in Computers in the Arts and Painting.