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Come face to face with a dinosaur... footprint

Come face to face with a dinosaur… footprint

I think just about everyone goes through a dinosaur phase growing up. Even if you’re a girl, hate reptiles, and have no interest in history, it doesn’t matter because the magic of the seemingly mythic dinosaur overcomes all boundaries. Now a lot of places around the world have done a pretty good job of creating... read more
The spa where flesh-eating fish replace your loofah

The spa where flesh-eating fish replace your loofah

Spa getaways are nothing new, but what is different is when a spa attracts as many men as it does women, and when the treatment involves not massages and manicures…but fish. Flesh-eating fish to be precise. Well, okay, perhaps flesh–eating sounds a little dramatic, but the truth is, these fish do nibble at your skin.... read more
Play with baby... alligators

Play with baby… alligators

When I was a kid growing up in Australia, I remember a popular children’s song at the time was Never Smile at a Crocodile. While most children’s songs are really just gobbledygook, this one actually offered some pretty sage advice. After all, crocs are vicious things. Coming face to face with one — let alone... read more