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Now, let’s get your travel dilemmas solved! Which of these sounds like you?


I’m not rich. I’m trying to figure out how the heck I can ever afford to travel. Isn’t it expensive?

12 tips to save money and realize your travel dreams

How to save money for travel and still have a life

How far will my money take me?

Spend your travel money where you spend your time

When to break your travel budget

Can’t afford a vacation? Why not try a staycation?

The ultimate guide to saving money in London


Umm, isn’t travel dangerous? How do I keep myself and my belongings safe?

The ultimate guide to staying safe for women traveling alone (a lot of these apply to men as well!)

Why you should travel with a bike lock even if you’re not a cyclist

Hide money in the one place no one will ever guess

Lost your camera? Here are some steps you can take to get it back

How to keep your checked luggage safe


Okay, I’m in! Now I just need to know what to pack.

17 little things to bring on a flight for a more comfortable experience

Seven essentials backpackers shouldn’t leave home without

Travel gear worth investing in

How to quickly generate a packing list tailored to your trip

The golf ball sized device that heals achy feet


All these airline and travel fees are eating into my budget. Help!

The ultimate guide to avoiding pesky airline fees

Alternative products to help you get around carry on liquid restrictions

7 tips to save money when staying at a hotel


I need help getting around common travel difficulties.

How to combat jet lag

6 tips on traveling abroad when you don’t speak the language

How to haggle like a pro

How to spend your evenings when you’re a solo traveler

How to dine alone without feeling awkward

How to travel with friends and family without killing them

10 ways to deal with homesickness now

How to avoid getting sick when flying

Don’t let the weather put a damper on your vacation. 17 ideas for a rainy day.


I could use some help planning my trip.

Six factors to consider when choosing your next travel destination

Where to find the most helpful travel warnings

How to choose the right guidebook for your trip

Why pre-booking your whole trip is a bad idea

Tips for stress-free travel during the holiday season

Tips for visiting a city during a major festival or event

14 things to do before you leave home to go on vacation


I’ve seen all the usual sights. Tell me about something cool I can do!

9 offbeat things to do in London

The spa where flesh-eating fish replace your loofah

Enjoy a wood-fired outdoor beer spa for free in La Paz, Bolivia

Sleep in the world’s deepest hotel room

Play with baby alligators

How to be an extra in a Bollywood movie

Shanghai’s marriage market

The world’s coolest bookstore

Hidden gems: Rome’s square colosseum